CEO has global expertise in every aspect of water, and it is able to deliver integrated engineering and environmental services throughout the water cycle. 



CEO expertise includes water quality and quantity services and ranges from site-specific to watershed-wide solutions.

Our engineering and environmental experts have helped business, industry and governments to:

  • assess the likely risk and impacts of flooding
  • implement strategies to protect their assets and people



CEO has a comprehensive skill set to assess, plan and implement solutions for:

  • Coastal flooding
  • River and inland flooding 
  • Urban (sewer and pluvial) flooding



  • In urban environments stormwater is often the main cause of flooding, when the system for the collection and transport of surface water does not have the capacity for the volume of water experienced. Without considered management, stormwater can cause damage to property and result in contamination of the environment. Our approach to stormwater management brings together engineering, planning and environmental solutions;

  • As towns and cities grow, the area of impermeable land increases. CEO can help create a network designed to collect and manage stormwater and prevent the costly damage caused by flooding;
  • We have many years experience of solving the flooding and environmental problems that arise in older cities where the foul (sanitary sewer) and surface water systems are combined;
  • CEO can develop green infrastructure solutions that offer the dual benefit of dealing with water at the source, before it becomes a problem, and reducing demand on potable water supplies; 
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage or Low Impact Development systems are one example of green infrastructure designed by CEO and utilised by developers, business, industry and water operators to manage surface water sustainably.




Water supply

CEO has a comprehensive skill set to assess, plan and implement solutions for:

  • Urban network systems
  • Irrigation systems
  • Pump stations and tanks


Water treatment

CEO experts provide comprehensive services and expertise in design of treatment technologies including:


  • Preliminary treatment
  • Primary and secondary treatment
  • Tertiary treatment/disinfection
  • Treatment technology
  • Biological nutrient removal (BNR)
  • Real time control
  • Advanced biosolids treatment
  • Resource recovery
  • Energy generation



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